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PROD - - custom policy files

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The Identity Experience Framework uses custom policies, which are very flexible and configurable building blocks. Current User Journeys were designed, developed and implemented with custom policies and they are the foundation of the Identity platform.

All User Journeys have been configured for tenant-wide Single Sign-On support.


All implementations use the custom domain functionality.

When using custom domain, {tenantName}, in the examples, can be replaced with the domain name. Both domains are active and functioning, but use one at a time as Single Sign-On does not work across different domains.

v1 policies

Ony policies in the v1 file set are available in production.

Policy file User Journey Description Metadata endpoint User Journey test link Custom domain
b2c_1a_v1_signupsignin Sign in The primary (default) User Journey, sign in with email and password reset Sign In
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Foundational policy files

Policy file Description
b2c_1a_v1_base Trust Framework Policy base containing all building blocks and definitions necessary for the User Journeys
b2c_1a_v1_base_extensions Trust Framework Policy base extensions holding all the User Journeys