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2. Grant access to AKS


This guide details how to grant yourself access to an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster using Azure RBAC roles in the Azure portal.


  • Successfull deployment of the managed application.
  • Required account privileges to grant resource access

Grant access to users

  1. Log into Azure Portal:

  2. Navigate to Your AKS Cluster:

    • Click Go to resource and click the managed resource group (eg. mrg-kubernetes-xxxx if you installed with default settings) in essentials section under Overview.
    • Find your Kubernetes service resource and click it.
  3. Access Control (IAM):

    • Click the Access Control (IAM) section and click on + Add.
    • Select the Azure Kubernetes Service RBAC Cluster Admin role and click Next.
    • Click Select members and find your own user account (and any other user that needs access) in the list. Click Select to save the user selection.
    • Click Next and then Review + Assign to save the changes.


You now have the necessary permissions on your AKS cluster.

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