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Managed Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a powerful, scalable, and highly flexible platform that's perfect for businesses looking to leverage the full potential of containerized applications. With AKS, you're not just adopting a technology; you're embracing a future where agility, speed, and efficiency define your operational capabilities.

The Challenge: Security & Production Readiness

The journey with AKS can often be complex, especially when it comes to transitioning from development to a secure, production-ready environment. While AKS provides a cutting-edge foundation, ensuring that your cluster is secure, compliant, and ready to handle real-world, production-grade workloads requires additional expertise and configuration. This is where many face challenges — implementing the necessary security measures and ensuring the production readiness of their AKS environment can be a daunting task.

Managed Azure Kubernetes: Secure by Default

Recognizing this critical need, we at Fortytwo are thrilled to introduce "Azure Kubernetes by Fortytwo" — a solution exclusively available on the Azure Marketplace, offering a production-grade AKS cluster that's secure by default. Our platform team, with its deep expertise in cloud infrastructure and security, has meticulously crafted a solution that takes the robustness of AKS and enhances it with layers of security and operational readiness.

Why Choose Managed Azure Kubernetes?

Production-Grade Security: With Azure Kubernetes by Fortytwo, you don't just get AKS; you get AKS that's been fortified. Our clusters are configured with Microsofts own best practices considering security, ensuring that your applications are protected from day one.

Seamless Integration: Our solution integrates seamlessly into your Azure environment, providing a smooth and familiar experience without the need for extensive reconfiguration or additional resources.

Compliance and Governance: Adhering to the strictest compliance standards, our clusters are designed to meet the needs of highly regulated industries, offering peace of mind and reliability.

Expert Support: Our Fortytwo platform team is always on hand to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring your AKS journey is smooth and efficient.

Cutting-Edge Yet Safe: While AKS offers the latest in Kubernetes technology, Azure Kubernetes by Fortytwo ensures that this cutting-edge technology is harnessed safely and securely, making it truly production-ready.

Focus on Innovation, Not Infrastructure: Free up your valuable resources to focus on what they do best — innovating and building great applications. Let us handle the complexities of securing and managing the Kubernetes infrastructure.

Complete Ownership and Controlled Access: With Azure Kubernetes by Fortytwo, the control is entirely in your hands. You own the entire infrastructure and cluster, ensuring that you have full authority and oversight over your environment.

Can I have the code?

The code is available from the automation template once you have deployed the application. This means if you wish to own the code, or dive deeper into how we build and maintain our state-of-the-art Kubernetes solutions, you have complete freedom to do so. Furthermore, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, we are ready to provide the code personally and assist you in your journey. Whether you plan to add new resources, customize existing configurations, or just want to understand the nuts and bolts of your Kubernetes environment, our open-source commitment puts you in the driver's seat.