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The solution is based on a single Windows 11 multi-session host. The host is joined to Azure AD, and users are authenticated using Azure AD. The host is not joined to any on-prem domain, and is not connected to any on-prem network. The host is not connected to any other Azure network, and is not connected to any other Azure resources.


  • 1x Virtual Network
  • 1x Subnet
  • 1x Network Security Group

Azure Virtual Desktop

Consist of the following components:

  • 1x Host Pool
  • 2x Application Groups
  • 1x Workspace

Virtual Machine

  • 1x Virtual Machine
  • 1x Managed Disk
  • 1x Network Interface

Log Analytics

  • 1x Log Analytics Workspace


  • 1x Recovery Services Vault

Automation Account

  • 1x Automation Account
  • 1x Runbook
  • 1x Schedule
  • 1x Managed Identity