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6. Using private github repositories


This guide will help you set up access to a private GitHub repository in Argo CD for managing your applications.


Please continue to the next step if you are using a public repository - 7. Deploy your workloads

Dont have any repository but still want to test the deployment process?

You can use the following public sample repository.

Configure access to private github repository

  1. Navigate to Argo CD UI:

    • Open the Argo CD UI in your web browser.
  2. Open Settings:

    • Go to the Settings section in the left menu.
  3. Connect to Repository:

    • Click on Repositories.
    • Choose Connect Repo.
    • Keep the default setting of Via SSH in the connection method dropdown.
    • Select the default project.
    • Paste your Github Repository URL into the Repository URL field. Eg.
    • In the SSH private key data field, paste your SSH private key. This key is generated in your GitHub repository settings.


    Not sure where to find or how to create a Github SSH Key? Check out the docs: GitHub SSH Key Setup.


You have now configured Argo CD to access a private GitHub repository, enabling you to manage applications hosted in that repository.

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