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Step 3 - Testing the self hosted runner

The following is an example pipeline using the pool we just created:

  - stage: run
    displayName: Run
      - job: run
        displayName: Run
        pool: SelfHostedRunnerUbuntu # Name of your VMSS pool
          - task: PowerShell@2
            name: Test
            displayName: "Test"
              targetType: inline
              pwsh: true
              script: uname -a

After running the pipeline, you should see that an agent has come online:

And from the VMSS side of things, we can see that an instance has been created:

And of course, we can see that the pipeline is working just fine:

That's it, you now have an agent pool in Azure DevOps, that will automatically be updated whenever the Microsoft Hosted Runners are updated (through our image). Have fun!