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1. Managed Grafana


Grafana, a popular open-source platform for monitoring and observability, is automatically deployed in your Managed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) environment. This deployment is part of our standard service to enhance your ability to monitor, visualize, and analyze your Kubernetes workloads.

Granting access to users

To grant access to users:

  • In your managed resource group (eg. mrg-kubernetes-xxxx), look for the Azure Managed Grafana resource type. The resource name will be prefixed with amg-.
  • Click Access control (IAM) followed by + Add and Add role assignment.
  • Find the appropriate access role. There are currently three different access levels.


Grafana Admin are for administrators providing full access to Grafana. Eg. edit data sources and plugins.

Grafana Editor are for users that require privileges to eg. create and edit dashboards.

Grafana Reader are for users that only require read access. Eg. look at dashboards and metrics.

  • Click Next and + Select members. Select the user you want to grant access to in the list and click Select. Click Next followed by Review + assign to apply the changes.

Accessing Grafana

To access the Grafana UI:

  • In the Overview section of your Azure Managed Grafana resource, copy the Endpoint from the Essentials and paste it into your browser. Use your Microsoft account and SSO login.


The endpoint will look similar but not exactly like this:

  • Delve into the already provisioned dashboards via Dashboards or look right at the metrics in Explore.s