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Thank you for your interest in our HR Provisioning service. In order to onboard to the service, the following steps are required:

# Who? What?
1 Customer Consent to Fortytwo app for HR Provisioning
2 Customer If using Active Directory, Install the Microsoft Entra Provisioning Agent
3 Customer Create Provisioning API instance
4 Fortytwo Read HR data and write to Entra ID Inbound Provisioning
5 Fortytwo Match user accounts and create report of creates and updates before go-live
6 Fortytwo Go-live of provisioning
Ongoing Fortytwo Operations

Navigate to this url and sign in as a Global Administrator in order to consent to Fortytwo accessing your tenant. We need the following permissions:

Scope Why?
AuditLog.Read.All Used to query the provisioning log for provisioning status. There is no less privileged graph scope for this available.
SynchronizationData-User.Upload Required in order to send data to the inbound provisioning API.
User.Read.All Required for user joining and determining the consequence of enabling synchronization.

Step 2 - If using Active Directory, Install the Microsoft Entra Provisioning Agent

Follow the Microsoft documentation for installing the Microsoft Entra Provisioning Agent.

Step 3 - Create Provisioning API instance

Provisioning to Active Directory

Provisioning to Entra ID (Cloud only)

  • Sign into the Entra Portal as a Global Administrator
  • Under Enterprise applications click New application

  • Search for API-Driven Provisioning and select the one named API-driven provisioning to Microsoft Entra ID

  • Give the application a logical name, such as Contoso HR Inbound Provisioning and click Create

  • When the application has been created, go to Provisioning in the left menu and click Get started

  • Switch Provisioning mode to Automatic and click Save

  • Go back to the Overview, still under Provisioning, copy the Provisioning API Endpoint and send to your Fortytwo contact.